You’ve passed the basic educational requirements to pass the state license exam. As a newly licensed real estate agent, you’re enthusiastic, motivated, and ready to launch your sales career.

The next step, as required by state law, is to associate your real estate license with a licensed broker. With whom you choose to affiliate is one of the most important decisions you will make in your professional sales career. 

Keep in mind, as a newly licensed agent you will need additional training and the best marketing tools and technology to do your job, and to do it well. 

Choosing a brokerage is a bit like buying a new pair of boots. You need to shop around and try on several pairs before you find the perfect fit. If the boot doesn’t fit properly, you won’t walk far. The same goes for the broker where you choose to hang your shingle. Even though they may have a fancy office and do a lot of advertising if they do not offer mentoring, training, personality, support, and follow-through you need to grow, the wrong broker can hinder rather than ensure your real estate sales success. 

Although it seems a bit intimidating, it pays to research to sort out “the best from the rest.” 

 “The Guide to Selecting Your Next Real Estate Brokerage” provides a helpful checklist of “points to ponder” when considering your options.